I had to major realisations today about my future regarding photography (my hobby and part-time income) and marketing (my degree in progress and possible career) and how they are connected.

Firstly, I realised that fashion photography sells a product, clothes, a lifestyle or brand image. it is known as “commercial photography”, while the art side is what you do in your own time or with creative open briefs.
In that area of photography, it seems my the purpose photos on my computer, in print or online portfolio have main purposes… to attract other talented people to work with; an invitation so I can do more test shoots, or to get me hired (do more shoots and make me money). It lacks the part of art for the sake of art, or emotion, or creativity.
I guess I can ask someone to convey an emotion in an expression or pose, but I find it more dramatic to convey an emotion or idea through landscapes, street shots, objects abstract shapes, etc.


Secondly today, I asked myself, does the world need better photos? Derived from better technique, or more expensive equipment… I think not. But if yes, to what end? … to sell more products, to make a brand more appealing? To advertise a destination? To compete with competitors by having the best poster or website but add to the clutter.

Once I realised that, then it follows that focusing on improving technique and buying stuff is not a priorority if its only a source for better advertising. Or making yourself a better portfolio, you can be hired for advert shoots.

The world doesn’t need to market more stuff. I think more useful is to take photos for charitable purposes and to make people aware of causes. Since this is not something to do everyday, the next best thing is to create photos for online and for print (maybe an exhibition), which make small changes to peoples lives. Through humour, emotion, breaking stereotypes, opening people to new ways of looking at ordinary things, seeing the story of a person’s life in a portrait.

I would say this is the same for music. I don’t write songs on guitar to make CDs or chart hits or radio jingles. I make them for my own entertainment, knowing that the songs have an original and unique sound, with elements or surprise, with confusing rhythms to catchy melodies.


There is a lot of cynicism around being job security after studying philosophy, art or music… so business seemed like a better option for me.I chose a Business Science degree since it is widely respected. When I chose my marketing degree as a stream in Business Science, it was the only “creative” degree I could choose, outside of say Humanities courses.

When I chose marketing, I knew I didn’t want to make lame cheesy ads which tell people to by more stuff. I wanted to create ads that were creative, entertaining, surprising, thought-provoking… and that theme is carried throughout my experiences in photography and music.