The last of the project will be figuring out how to set up an exhibition in early 2013. I thought I would have to used advertising, but posters and invites on Facebook to all my friends might get ignored, since people have no connection with the concept.. I will invite everyone who was in the photos so they can see themselves. I’ll probably ask them to bring one or two people with, and to post a link their profiles. Taking the PR approach, I want to ask various sources to recommend my event online with a link to the event. Such as contacts photo galleries, photography schools, any media at UCT such as Varsity, UCT societies I have helped out before with photos…

I want people who come to the event to sign up to be in eye photos sometime, or have their photo taken at the event. They would then get to appear in the following exhibition if I do an eye exhibition part 2. Also, I might have to find a way to pull people in (cheese and wine, music?) or find another photographer to co-exhibit with. I took photos at a friend’s exhibition on Long Street and she is helping to secure the same venue for me too.

More details on the event in another post – probably in January 2013.

Check out Eye gallery tab on and message me on if you are interested in joining the project or coming to the exhibition.


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