The purpose of this blog is to be the showcase the best of my photographic work and link to my activity on other platforms. There are several main categories I will be posting under:

  • Strategic Marketing for the Photographer – giving advice to photographers using the framework of my Marketing Honours courses.
  • 5 weeks of Winter – during my vac in June/July, I am posting my favourite photo for each day day, outdoors or indoors, from people to landscapes…
  • Lightroom Lessons – giving tips on how to use Lightroom 3
  • Photographic tips – explaining some of the tricks I come across or invent, like making a cheap DIY tilt-shift lens and a macro lens conversion on a budget

I have profiles on the following sites and I am organising them for different purposes:

  • (will post regular shots)
  • FB (photoshoots, landscapes, parties and on campus, plus a separate album for fashion shots)
  • Crevado (eye project portfolio)